How to Check Passport Status by Name & File Number ?

Passport Status : Passport is very essential Indian document for traveling across the world from India. We have provided steps to step guide to apply for passport. You just need to follow given steps to applying for passport. It is the only traveling document you need to carry while moving to another country. It can also be used as Identity proof. If in case you don not know what required document for passport then we have also provided same here.

Once you apply for passport, then you will need to visit passport office is also know as Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) and regional passport office.

Passport Status

So, that’s where you need to keep checking passport application status online by name, date of birth and file number. Tracking police verification status and then you get your passport delivered to your address via speed post. If you are serious to know tracking speed post for passport then we have explained each steps in such way that you will get in one go.

Table of Content

  1. What to do after applying for passport ?
  2. Learn checking Passport Status By File Number
  3. Wait ! Are you looking for passport inquiry details by name ?
  4. Do you want to get passport status details Via SMS ?
  5. Why not to track passport status through Mobile App ?
  6. Take Note of Passport Application Status

We know what you are looking for may be, ” What after applying Passport ” ?

What to do after applying for passport ?

We’ve shared complete steps to check passport status by Name and File number in a minutes without wasting your time. You need to follow steps as it is by moving to official portal for passport tracking via number. After heading to official passport portal you need to enter your file number and date of birth in given fields.

Passport status is also process of application in which you are to check your passport status by date of birth, name and file number. Tracking passport police verification status is also comes under this process without which no body gets passport so it is very important part of application. You can even track passport police verification status online just like checking passport status by using file number locator.

As process of getting passport is made online completely so, you just need to visit to passport seva kendra for submitting documents for verification. Then, sit at home and track passport number verification online.

Once police verification is done for your passport file number then you can move to next step to check your passport status online by file number and name.

Learn checking Passport Status By File Number

We are sharing complete process of passport and so is telling you from starting to end so that you can get it as it is in very easiest way.

You can check the passport status by name and date of birth on the official website of Passport India . To check passport status, Follow given steps :

1. Click here to Track Application Status .

2. Select ” Passport/PCC/IC ” from Select Application Type drop down menu.

3. Now, Enter the Application File Number and date of birth in given fields.

4. Click on ” Track Status ” to view passport status.

After clicking on Track status, You will see passport status details . If it shows or ask additional documents for passport then take action and submit that document in passport office to get passport.

Wait ! Are you looking for passport enquiry details by name ?

Some of you might have been trying to check passport status by name for getting passport details. You might have even checked option to get passport status enquiry but here we want to inform you that there is no such option or services available on passport India portal. So you can only check your passport status by file number and date of birth as mentioned above.

This service is unavailable due to serveral reason lets say there two person ( having same ) who are checking their passport status by name then what will happen is error or there may be chance of showing wrong passport details that will result into trouble.

So, scroll up and get passport status details there.

Do you want to get passport status details Via SMS ?

Earlier getting passport is very hassle task but since Narendra Modi ease steps, you just need to apply for passport and submit document for verification.

After that, check passport application status online by date of birth and file number. It is so easy that even any once can do that by entering file number and date of birth in given fields.

But, there is one more services for each citizen that is SMS services which is provided to every one so that they can get passport status details via SMS. They then do not need to go else either for police passport verification status. After submitting documents to police for verification, you will get update about police verification status in few days.

Some time it take time but, 7 day is maximum time police take for verification of passport applicant and document provided to them by applicant.

You can get passport status enquiry by SMS. If you want to get enquire about passport details by sms then you need to enroll for sms services using the link ‘Enroll for SMS Services‘ available under ‘Services’ section after login.

Know more about tracking passport status by SMS service 🙂

After enrollment of SMS Service, You will get the following details on the registered Mobile Number :

1. Submission of Documents

2. Police Verification Status

3. Passport Status

4. Collection of Passport ( via speed post )

If you want to enquire about passport status vis sms then you can send SMS to 9704100100 in the format STATUS FILENUMBER, for example, STATUS BNG077668435013.

Why not to track passport status through Mobile App?

Passport Seva Kendra has launched Android/IOS app for user who want to check their passport application status on their phone.

We are sharing mPassport Seva App for you so that you can track your police passport verification status, check passport status by file number or date of birth and tracking speed post passport status.

mPassport Android App

mPassport iOS App

mPassport Window Phones App

This mPassport app provides each information that can help you related to any matter. Even Citizen living overseas can find relevant information about Mission Post abroad for making visit about any matter. You can also search for nearby police station for passport document verification.

Take Note of Passport Application Status

We have shared how to check passport status by date of birth and file number but missed little details there so is covering here.

Whenever you click on track passport button then result will be an update about your passport so that you can take further action or wait for further update in passport details.

It has been noticed that passport status is not updated because of system down or due to some other error. So, in that case you can check your passport application status later on.

Below is what kind of status it shows when you enquire passport details :

Application submitted: Your application has been submitted successfully.

Application under review: Your Passport application is still under review by Passport Seva Kendra.

Police verification pending : Police verification for Passport is pending. This mean you need to do physical police verification at your nearest police station.

Police verification initiated: Police station has started the verification of your documents.

Police report submitted : Police report has been submitted by police station and sent to Commissioner of Police for review.

Police report under review : Police Verification Report for your passport application is under review at Passport Office(RPO).

Police report not clear : Police Verification Report is not clear and application is under review at Regional Passport Office.

Passport granted : This mean that your passport has been granted. All of your documents are found clear. Passport printing would be initiated.

Passport printed : Passport has been printed successfully.

Passport dispatched : Your passport has been successfully dispatched and shortly will be at your address.

Passport returned undelivered : Passport has been returned without delivery for any reason.

Update 12 July 2017 : You can also check passport police verification status and passport dispatch status. We have updated same today to let you know How can you check passport police verification status.

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