Documents Required For Passport Application & Renewal

If you are going to apply for Passport then you will need required documents for passport which you have to attach along with your passport application. Documents required for passports are very much necessary for getting passport ready. You need to know what kind of documents you will be required when you apply for fresh or tatkal passport.

We are sure that you know why passport is needed for traveling to abroad ? If no then we will tell you again for information. Indian passport is one of the most important Identity proof for traveler to confirm your identity. It is a travel document that you required while traveling to any other country. Passport can be used as proof of identity in the most of the checking point on Airports or in abroad where you have to show them your identity on demand.

But, To have passport you should start preparing all the documents required for passport application. If you want to apply for passport then you must have all the required documents to get your passport application approved quicker. Once you are ready with all the documents for passports then you can easily apply for fresh or tatkal passport.

Indian Passport

You need to submit passport application with photocopy of documents at the Passport Seva Kendra’s where you have to show them your original documents for verification. Verification of passport application takes time as officials have to see required documents for passport before letting you go to next level of verification.

Make sure that your name is correct on all official documents which you are attaching with your passport application because if you have different name of other document then your application will be rejected. So check documents required for passport before applying.

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Earlier we shared process of applying for passport online and offline, So to avoid any issue while getting documents ready. We shared check list of required documents for passport.

Documents for Passport Application – A complete Check-list

We have shared the check list of documents that you will need to submit along with your passport application. You also have to take this documents for passport while visiting to Passport Seva Kendra at the time of appointments. Lets check below what documents you have with you before applying for passport .

Note : The Documents you will required for tatkal passport are same.

Proof of Address

Submit any single or multiple proof of your address. Here are the documents which can be submitted as proof of your address.

⦁    Voter ID Card
⦁    UID or Aadhar Card (Your Aadhar card should be at least 1 year old from the date of passport application).
⦁    Bill of Electricity
⦁    Water Bill
⦁    Telephone Bill (Landline connection) or Post Paid Bill of Mobile
⦁    Income Tax Assessment Order
⦁    Copy of Bank Passbook
⦁    Spouse’s passport copy
⦁    Ration card (Additional proof of address from this list will be required with the Ration card)
⦁    Gas Connection Proof
⦁    Certificate from Employer (certificate issued by only public limited companies are acceptable)
⦁    Parent’s proof of address or their passport copy (If the passport applicant is minor)
⦁    Registered Agreement of Rent (Should be at least one year old)

Proof of Date of Birth

Documents required for passport are different according to birth of applicant. if you were born before 26 Jan 1989 (26/01/1989) then you don’t need any birth certificate and if you were born on or after 26/01/1989 then you must have birth certificate from any authorized office. So for proof of birth you need to have following documents given below :

1. Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or any office that are authorized to issue Birth and Death Certificate.

2. School leaving certificate or Secondary School leaving certificate issued by Recognized Boards from the school last attended by the applicant or any other recognized educational institution.

3. Illiterate or semi-illiterate (less than 5th standard) need to submit an affidavit made before a Magistrate/Notary as per Specimen in Annexure ‘ A ‘ .

Passport Applicants should have to present above proof of birth certificates in original with one self-attested photo copies of each at PSK. You can submit passport application with above documents at the passport seva kendra (PSK) near you.

Additional Documents for Passport Application

Sometime the PSK officials may ask more additional documents. So you should have additional documents for passport to avoid last minute rejection. These additional documents are following:

⦁    PAN Card
⦁    Certificate of Marriage
⦁    A letter from your Magistrate or MLA or MP.
⦁    Identity Card of educational institute (in case if the applicant is a student).
⦁    Identity Card of your company ( if you are working)
⦁    Old passport ( if applying for renewal )

We have shared complete list of required documents for passport. You may check above documents before heading to Passport office. There may be slight change in document but above documents are same as asked by PSK officials. So if they ask you to present more documents to proof your identity and date of birth then you are advised to show them whatever passport documents you carry with you on the day of appointment.

So we suggest you to take all the required document for passport application with photocopy to the PSK . Passport Seva Kendra is improving its service by easing document required for passport by reviewing it time to time. So there may a chance of changing in important documents you need for passport. So its better to ask officials if there is anything else you should be take to passport office.

For Now, There is only above passport document that you will required to apply for passport. Don’t forget to take document that you have attached with passport on day of appointment.

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