What is ” Passport India ” ?

An Indian Passport is a official document that allow the holder to travel from India to foreign countries of their choice. It also confirm that the holder of the passport is a citizen of India and also confirms the identity of holder. Passport in India is issued to its citizen by the Government of India for letting them travel to  countries.

What is ” Passport India ” ?

The Indian Government issued Passport India to holders that certify the citizenship and identity holder. It is mandatory for every India citizen to keep Passport of India with them while traveling abroad from India as it is only the document that confirms identity either in India while boarding flight and also in foreign country.

According to Passport Act 1967 , the holders are permitted to travel internationally with document that is proof of Indian citizenship. So not only Indian passport confirms your identity but it also confirm that holder are Indian citizen by  birth or naturalization.

Types of Passport In India

There are 3 main types of passport in India issued by GOI under the Passport Act 1967. They are –

The Indian Government issue three type of passport in India to its citizen under the Passport Act 1967. These types of Passport in India are issued to the people of India for different purpose. Passport of India has three different types as given below.

Ordinary Passport : The ordinary passport of India are issued to every individuals who are Indian citizen by  birth or naturalization. It is a ” Type P ” Passport India that mean personal passport for ordinary individuals. It is of navy blue in color that has 36 to 60 pages in it.

Official Passport :  The official passport of India are issued to peoples who are working for Indian Government to travel abroad for official business . It is a ” Type S ” Passport India that mean passport are in white cover for peoples representing the Indian government .

Diplomatic passport : The Diplomatic passport of India are issued to people who are Government officials like Indian Foreign Service including those posted abroad for official government work. It is a ” Type D ” Passport India that mean diplomatic passport which is in maroon cover.

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Note on Passport of India

The passport in India contain a note from the Indian President addressing the authorities of all territories:

These are to request and require in the Name of the President of the Republic of India all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance, and to afford him or her, every assistance and protection of which he or she may stand in need.

By order of the President of the Republic of India

Passport India Issuing Authorities

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India is works for issuing passport of India though Passport Seva Kendra and Embassies outside of India.  The MEA provides passport services in India to citizen thought Consular Passport and Visa ( CPV ), Passport Offices/Regional Passport Offices PO/RPO, Passport Seva Kendras (PSK), Passport Seva Laghu Kendras  (PSLK) District Passport Cells (DPC), Speed Post Centers (SPC) and Citizen Service Centers (CSC).

CPV : The CPV is a the extension of MEA located at Patiala House, New Delhi for issuing Official and Diplomatic passports.

PO/RPO : RPO/PO manages process application for Indian passport and provides services to every individuals. They not only process application or send approved passports but also deal with State police for verification of individual. There are 37 passport offices in India.

PSK : PSK are divisions of Passport Offices (POs) where individual has to physically present themselves after getting an appointment online. There are 77 PSKs in India working taking documents or photographs and reviewing application before sending same to the passport office for further processing.

PSLK : PSLK are also an extension of PO providing same services to  eastern and north-eastern areas. There are 16 PSLKs in India are managed by the government for decreasing workload of PSKs.

DPC, SPC, CSC : District Passport Cells, Speed Post Centers and Citizen Service Centers are also a division of MEA for processing applications only for fresh passports.

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Indian Missions Abroad : Indian Missions and posts are Indian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates who works for the MEA for issuance of passport of India outside India.

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